Yoga – the art of life

Yoga – the art of life

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The art of making the body heal by itself is yoga. It was developed by early men in Himalayas by years of penance and meditation. The moves that are carried out affect particular parts of human body. There are a number of exercises that are carried in this series. It is getting popular very quickly these days, when you will search on the internet for Yoga near me you will get many results, it doesn’t matter which city you are in. Listed below are some of the popular asanas in yoga:

Ananda Balasna: This asana will calm your mind and make you relax. This pose of yoga can be practiced to get yourself relaxed at the end of an intense session. For performing this you can easily lie on your back then you have to bring your knees towards the belly and with your hands holding the feet. Then you have to open your knees and you have to bring them towards your armpits. Then you have to push your feet towards your hand gain and again till you could.

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Ardha Chandrasana; “Ardha” means half, chenadra means moon, and you can also call it the half moon pose. In this pose, you first have to make the extended triangle pose. Then you have to with your right hand try to touch the right when it is one foot forward position. After exhaling you can try it on the other side. This will strengthen your muscles of the foot but you have to keep your left hand on your hip.

Balasna: It is also called as the child pose. Asana means pose and Bala mean child in the Sanskrit. You can take this pose for resting and relaxing your body. You have to kneel with the big toes touching the ground. Then you to sit on your heels and then spread your knees to the hip width and breathe slowly, at last you have to bend making your fore head touch the ground.

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