What causes Toes Painful

What causes Toes Painful

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Toes are very important part of the body. Feet is the made up of 26 bones out of which 14 bones are there in your toe area. There are so many causes that could hurt the toes include playing sports, tight shoes, running, hitting your toe, and dropping a heavy object on toes. There are other diseases are also there that can lead to hurt your toes, including trauma, gout, arthritis, infection, neuromas, and improper way of cutting toenails. There are few tips required to treat painful toes with precautions.

Causes of hurting toes

There are several causes of hurting toes. Some pains are for the short-term period and some for the long-term and should be diagnosed by proper medical treatment. The one of the common cause of toe hurt is the selection of poor footwear or tight footwear.

Always choose doctor shoes or slipper to protect your toe from pain.Gaout is the one of the worst and painful disorder and needs medical treatment. It is the kind of abnormalities that caused by the increase of uric acid in your toes and feets. It is caused by poor eating habits.The other cause of tender toes is the Raynaud disease. This disease makes your feet fell like the cold. This usually happens in the winter season. The toes become swollen and red and blotchy.

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One more problem aching toes are athlete feet that may cause fungus infection and contagious too. It can be diagnosed by anti-fungal medication. So this is the cause of painful toes. This can be prevented by wearing cotton socks and keeping the feet dry. Bunions are also caused the toe pain. It is commonly found in the base of the big toe by affecting the outside part of the toe too. Bunions mostly affect women. They can be treated by icing massage, rest and choosing the comfortable pair of shoes.Corns are another reason or cause for that lead to hurt your toes. This is sort of skin disease.

A pile or volcanic dead skin formed in your toe area that hurt very badly when moving the feet. Lastly, ingrown nails, are the common problem among mankind. Mostly athletics suffer from this problem.  Wrong selection of shoe and toe injuries are the common cause of this problem. These problems are very painful and severe. Proper nail cutting and good nail hygiene are required to curve the situation. So these are the causes of toe hurt. Preventions and proper care would protect you from sore toes. Therefore, take care of your toes.

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