Ways to Increase Your Income as a Personal Trainer

Ways to Increase Your Income as a Personal Trainer

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Making more money as a personal trainer in Liverpool is simple if you are well qualified and have a contract with a local gym or fitness club. Even if you have just completed one of the many recognised fitness courses Liverpool has to offer, you should still be able to find some innovative ways to increase your income and build your client list. According to recent studies in the UK, the average salary of a PT who works for gyms on contract is around £19k. Considering that it is part time work, that isn’t bad, but let’s look at some ways to make that better.

A personal trainer working at a fitness club in Liverpool can decide to freelance their services a much higher hourly rate. Personal trainers just beginning their careers in personal training will find this move to be less conducive to making money as they need to build experience.

Build Your Knowledge to Increase Your Income

One way to increase your earnings as a personal fitness trainer in Liverpool is to increase your knowledge base. You can do this by taking extra modules during your PT Course Liverpool training. These can include learning more about special diets, trending fitness programs that you can offer your clients or how to train clients that have special physical needs.

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Improve Your Soft Skills to Be a More Effective Trainer

As a personal trainer you are working closely with others and the way you speak, your body language and how you interact with others is an important factor on how well your clients will receive you as a person and as a personal trainer. If you are not tactful, or you have difficulty being empathetic, perhaps you could work on your people skills as a way of being more effective and personable. You also need to be honest with your clients and give them realistic goals that they can achieve. Otherwise, they will become discouraged and stop turning up. No clients, means no pay.

Become Special!

Any good personal training course Liverpool has to offer, will teach you that specialising in certain areas of training is important if you want to be successful in the fitness industry. From obesity and diabetes or lower back pain, to HIIT, Pilates, Bootcamp activities, kettlebells and more, the personal training industry has many areas that can help increase your knowledge base and make you more special when it comes to the services you can offer.

These are some simple, yet effective, ways that you can increase your income as a personal trainer in Liverpool and grow your client list at the same time.

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