Three Great Resources to Learn Sous-Vide Cooking

Three Great Resources to Learn Sous-Vide Cooking

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Sous-vide cooking continues to get more and more popular, which means that there’s a whole host of resources on the web to help home foodies learn more about this exciting and effective cooking method.

Sous-vide gives you the ultimate control over the time and temperature that your ingredients are going to be cooked at and gives you consistently fantastic results, every time.

And whether it’s blogs, YouTube channels or recipe collections, there are so many places to look for sous-vide inspiration and tips and here are three of our favourites.


ChefSteps is one of the best culinary resources on the web and they have a great sous-vide section.

As well as the usual delicious recipes to try, they also have lots of starter guides on everything from what sous-vide is to foods that you didn’t know that you could cook sous-vide.

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One of our favourite features is their egg calculator, which takes all of the guesswork out of perfecting your sous-vide eggs.

Just select your desired consistency of egg and it’ll tell you how long you need to cook them for and at what temperature and you’re good to go!

If there’s one place that we’d recommend as your first port of call for all things sous-vide, it’s these guys.

Sous-Vide Tools Tool Shed

Sous-Vide Tools are one of the UK’s leading retailers of sous-vide machines, containers and more.

However, their website is also a treasure trove of info for sous-vide lovers, including recipes, how-to guides, downloadable guides and more.

We particularly like their visual and easy to understand guides covering topics from eggs to seafood and vegetables to cuts of meat.

There’s also a section on case studies, looking at how some of the country’s top chefs are making great use of sous-vide in their restaurants.

If you really enjoy their content, they even have their own state of the art cookery school up in Lancaster, run by triple AA rosette chef Chris Holland too.

From easy to follow beginner’s guides to the fancy stuff such as sous-vide cocktails (yes, that’s a thing!), they’ve got you covered.

Serious Eats

Serious Eats is another of the big players in terms of online culinary inspiration and they also have a fantastic section dedicated to sous-vide, with recipes ranging from the basic to the extravagant.

Their blog is mainly focused on meat-based dishes, although there’s all kinds to get your teeth into.

There are also some more general sous-vide hacks, such as why you should add ping-pong balls to your sous-vide bath and clever ways to help keep your sous-vide bags submerged.

They also have a YouTube channel which is worth checking out, with loads of simple videos to follow, which aren’t all necessarily sous-vide-related, but are too good for any true foodie to ignore!

Of course, this is just a starting point, and you can find loads of resources across the web, with more and more people getting on the bandwagon every day!