The uplifting and health-benefitting capacities of Marijuana

The uplifting and health-benefitting capacities of Marijuana

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Marijuana is identified by the scientific name, “Cannabis sativa” and the seeds, roots, stems, and leaves are consumed by the marijuana users for feeling intoxicated. Tetrahydrocannabinol is considered one of the countless compounds inside marijuana that is equipped with the major intoxicating effects. People suffering from nausea, poor appetite, and AIDS consume marijuana for medicinal benefits. The medical marijuana is called as Marinol and it is viewed as the artificial form of this compound. The use of medical marijuana is legal in twenty states of the US and in the District of Columbia.There is a diversity of marijuana types and they are known as strains.

Marijuana strains are either of hybrid or pure varieties of the plant Cannabis that encompasses the species C. ruderalis, C. indica, and C. sativa. The varieties are produced for intensifying particular characteristics of the plant or to make differences in the strains for the marketing purposes or to turn it more effectual in the form of a drug. There are various names that are commonly chosen by the growers and they habitually display characteristics of the plants, like smell, color, taste or the source of the variety. The medical marijuana strains are grown for particular health benefits, such as lessening of nausea and pain management.

Strains to lessen anxiety

Anxiety can turn out to be paralyzing and can make a person feel awful. Fortunately, there is marijuana that can help. There are various kinds of marijuana to lessen you from the anxiety levels. To discover the best one for yourself, you can try out the following five strains

  • Cannatonic – It is a dependable high-CBD strain and it has got plenty of anxiety-relieving features but CBD is the most reliable one. When one consumes THC in high dosages, it can arouse the symptoms of anxiety but a high CBD strain can help one avoid this situation. The THC content in Cannatonic is lesser than 5% but the CBD content is between 6% and 17%.
  • Sour Tsunami – It is another high-CBD strain and it has a CBD content which is nearly 10%. This strain acts as a potent stress-buster as it can calm your mind and produces a pleasant sensation.
  • One to one – This is an exclusive strain and an excellent choice for those people who require a little help for getting through the day.
  • Cinex – This mild sativa produces uplifting, mellow, and happy effects. The THC content is nearly 22% in this strain.
  • Northern Lights – If your anxiety keeps you awake at night, this strain can help you get a blissful, deep sleep and the THC content in this strain is 18%.

The dosages of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana strains are found in 2.5, 5, and 10mg capsules and they are used for treating poor food intake or appetite. Additionally, people suffering from vomiting and nausea because of cancer chemotherapy are also treated with medical marijuana. When it is used for stimulating the appetite, then the dosages of 2.5 once or two times a day prior to eating lunch or dinner or before retiring to bed is considered good. Again, when it prescribed for suppressing nausea then a dosing level of 5mg is viewed as fine and it should be taken 1-3 hours prior to a chemotherapy treatment.