The Blessings of Radiology and Opinion of Dr. Apparao Mukkamala

The Blessings of Radiology and Opinion of Dr. Apparao Mukkamala

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The revolutionary advancement in medical imaging technology and the implementation of radioactive therapies have come out as big blessings to humankind. Everyday millions of patients with varieties of physical problems ranging from bone fracture to cardiac problems and dental disorders to severe diseases like Cancer undergo medical imaging procedures as suggested by their physicians. Almost all of us are aware of these procedures and know how effectively these innovative medical procedures help people to come out of many critical diseases or get remedial steps to recovery. As per option of the famous Radiologist Dr. Apparao Mukkamala, based Michigan, USA that without radiological science and medical imaging procedures healthcare industry is literally blind and helpless.

It is through the centuries, a series of innovative concepts have entered into medical imaging field making it highly rich and comprehensive. Most of us have personally been benefited from the procedure of medical imaging or know our loved ones whose life has been improved or saved with the help of these technological sessions.

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A Deeper Dig Into Radiology With Dr. Apparao Mukkamala

Right from bone disorder to spinal cord issues or neurological problems to cancer or renal failure like deadly diseases are first and primarily detected through radiological procedure sessions. A woman suffering from breast cancer can easily avoid major surgery whereas MRI and Mammographic imaging help doctors to find the lump that has malignancy. Based on that report they can take immediate steps and the major issue can be resolved by radioactive measures.

Similarly, people having chronic back pain or complexities related to spinal cords can be helped by medical facilities through necessary treatment measures followed by identification of the diseased organ whilst radiology is the only solution provider.

That is how; medical imaging has become a part of parcel of healthcare industry and helps millions of individuals every hour to get their physical disorders detected, diagnosed and managed by physicians.

The emergence of CT scan has replaced the emergency of cardiac catheterization in order to detect a cancerous lump before it becomes too severe. Different research report shows that the radical improvement in medical concepts, advanced medical devices and medical imaging work together and save millions of lives or reduce complications and cost of medical expenses apart from avoiding long term hospital stay.

  • According to medical experts that the power and emergency of medical imaging is simply colossal, while some of the following medical bulletin solidifies its crucial importance.
  • A medical study report shows clearly that advanced use of varieties of medical imaging has increased the life expectancy among Americans.
  • Effective screening of breast cancer reduces the chance of mortality to a greater percentage. * The survival rate is reported to be around 99%. Fast detection also reduces the necessity of implementing toxic and painful chemotherapy also.

Dr. Apparao Mukkamala now associated with the distinguished medical setting Hurley Medical center also confirms that it is nothing but CT scan procedures that help radiologists and doctors to identify the place of brain hemorrhage after cerebral stroke. This vital data allows physicians to employ the most innovative blood clotting therapeutics that helps patients in survival.