Some Steroids for Women and Their Effects

Some Steroids for Women and Their Effects

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Women use steroids for the same purpose that the men do and that is to build muscles and to cut the extra fat within the body. The men and women body builders love to prove themselves in respect of their performance. There are women who use steroids for curving out that perfect body for any modeling or other purpose. They love to build up those well-toned and ripped muscled body structure that will give the well cared for look. Women want to show aestheticism through her body structure where men love to show off huge muscles. Women love to build up a well proportionate body that is trim and healthy in all ways.

Androgenic effects are avoided

The women who use steroids try to use the fat cutters more than muscle builders. They love to get the lean look of their body. Choosing the right kind of steroid for such purpose is a serious task and so women try to keep away from androgenic compounds that give a manly look to them. There are different strong androgenic steroids like Dianabol and these are not recommended for women for being androgenic. These androgenic steroids work to bring up the testosterone level within the body of the women. The quality that occurs in female steroid users is mostly the slimming down effects that gives the female body a perfect touch.

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Steroids that suit women

There are different steroids that are loved and used by women. The most common one is named Anavar and is best for women. This one is anabolic steroid and not harsh on women body as many other steroids. This is the main reason Anavar is used by women in most cases. The other steroids often give way to virilization of the body but this steroid steers away from causing such effects. When the women take proper dose of this steroid, it makes their body free of fat to build the right shape.

Stimulant with oxygen

The other steroid that the women use is called Clenbuterol and it stimulates the body by increasing oxygen within the body. This stimulates the body to do more work. When the body builders or other athletes take this steroid, they do so for rigorous work outs for better performance. This leads to loss of fat from the muscles and also increases the testosterone level to a small amount. There are people who have a weak liver and they should consult their physician before going for Clen as a regular stimulant.

Some effects for women

When you are going through the name of steroids that help the women, you should also know the benefit that occurs in female steroid users while they take these magical compounds. These are mostly mild steroids and so they do not give serious effects on the body. The women who want to get in proper shape will try out this steroid but often they take these in lower dose. The recommended dose is different but it is lower than the dose for men. This way virilization is kept at bay and there are not much effects of high testosterone level in the body of the women. The steroids actually eat up the fat of the body and give you a strong, lean muscular body that looks sexy too.