Sildenafil for Male Sexual Health

Sildenafil for Male Sexual Health

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Sildenafil is a popular name in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction from the past two decades. Yet, the sildenafil was in medicinal use for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, altitude sickness and as a minor ingredient in other medicines. The present generation, knows what medicines they are taking and what its main components are. In this way, the sildenafil has become popular after the launch of Viagra by Pfizer Pharmaceutical.

History ofSildenafil in Medicines

The sildenafil formula is C22H30N6O4S. This has been with many pharma giants under various medicinal researches and testing. Yet, this was in medicinal use in very less percentage to treat cardiovascular disease. Since the year 1998, the Pfizer Pharmaceutical came with a medicinal innovation by making use of the sildenafil after long research. Yes,they came out with branding sildenafil as Viagra. Later on, this was a popular tablet to treat erectile dysfunction in men.The name Viagra has been much popular since the time and the young generation where searching for cheap Viagra. Yet the Indian pharma company Combitic Global Caplet Private Limited came out with its generic version called Nizagara. This is now, one of the preferred cheap Viagra, which has similar benefits for a man with sexual dysfunction.

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  • Sildenafil is available as prescription drug only.
  • It is available in retail drug stores and in online pharmacies.
  • More than a million tablets is sold since the last 2-decades globally.
  • Sildenafil is the most sought online drug in this world.
  • This is a popular medicine with all sexologists.
  • Sildenafil is most sought by physicians to treat ED patients.

Besides, there are researches going on to use sildenafil for women sexual dysfunction. We hope our scientists will come out with positive results soon as sildenafil for men and women. This is not an organic substance and there are more possibilities for doing medicinal research and testing.

Biological Half-Life ofSildenafil

The people who know much about medicinal drugs will look for its sildenafil biological half-life. This is important know as how the drug effects a person soon after they consume them orally. The sildenafil is in tablet form and it is prescribed as oral medication only. A per its test result, it long last for more than four hours. In real-time a man with ED consuming with proper Nizagara instruction does find the same as it last more than 4-hours while in sexual encounter with his partner.

The sildenafil generic Nizagara is the best for those manhood suffering from erectile dysfunction. They can consult with a physician and take ED treatment with Nizagara, which is the cheap and the best Viagra. Globally, it has proven results and this you can find in sildenafil reviews online.