Selecting The Right Vase: Vase Guide

Selecting The Right Vase: Vase Guide

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If you like collecting flowers and putting them on a display, you need to have the right kind of vase. It is suggested to pay attention to the details of the vase before buying. The minimal details include decorative aspects, opening of the vase, shape, and height as well.  

Here is an article for a selection of right vase for your beautiful flowers.

  • Bottleneck vase

The bottleneck vases have a narrow neck which is perfectly suitable for supporting branches and stems and holds them in place. They are perfect for showing off your spring branches.

Suitable for flowers like Blossom, Magnolia, Poppy seed heads, Catkins, etc.

  • Posy Vase

Posy vases are the best for limited spaces or small displays. You can place them on bedside tables, coffee tables as they add a subtle touch to your boring free spaces.

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Suitable for flowers like Sweet peas, wildflowers, garden cuttings, etc.

  • Tapered Vase

Tapered vases are made for the flowers which need to be tapered at the bottom, to hold the stems in place while the flowers bloom at the rim, displaying and drawing attention to your flowers.

Suitable for flowers like Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, etc.

  • Tall rounded vase

If you want large displays for special occasions like events and parties, use tall rounded vases as a statement. Long stemmed flowers go well with such vases and become the center of attraction.

Suitable for flowers like Eucalyptus, Delphiniums, Lilies, etc.

  • Oval Vase

Oval vases are usually deeper in shape. They are spacious and can accommodate a big bunch of flowers. The stems need to be of an ideal length, as the height of such vase is generally smaller as compared to others.

Suitable for flowers like Roses, Tulips, Hydrangeas, Peonies, etc.

If you are willing to have one such perfect vase for your flowers, visit an online portal and select from the multiples varieties present there.