ScalpPsoriasis can cause temporary baldness – treat it right

ScalpPsoriasis can cause temporary baldness – treat it right

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Do you think there is a connection between Psoriasis and hair loss? Scalp psoriasis has a silver color, scaly build-up on the scalp which is accompanied by discomfort and itching. The more you scratch the scalp, the worse it becomes. The whole symptom leads to temporary baldness.

There are certain treatments that can help you to cope with this condition. Prefer to consult a doctor without delay to minimize the suffering and for Hair fall control. You might not be aware that Psoriasis has affected more than 8 million people residing in America. The immune system has a quick impact on the skin cells causing patches, redness, and scaling called plaques. More than 50% people with Psoriasis develop it on their scalp and this condition can become severe if not treated. It starts with a small patch and might spread to the whole area.

It’s a relief that you have chances to grow back hair on your head once you get Psoriasis treatment. With continuous itching, the hair strands tend to fall out.

Psoriasis is a medical condition that needs to be checked by the doctors and experts. The treatment in the case of psoriasis can only be suggested by the doctors and the patient should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription.

Apart from psoriasis, there are many other factors that lead to the problem of hair loss. One may try the following alternatives in case the hair fall is the stage of incipience or is beginning to evolve.

  • Keep the scalp moisturized by using a conditioner
  • Try products for your hair that contain menthol
  • When you feel the irritation, use an ice pack or wet towel
  • So not do hair styling and no using heat to your hair

If you have fine and thin hair, it can be very challenging to cope up with the breakouts. You must also book an appointment with the doctor for discussing stress level management, what health changes you must follow, intake of alcohol and medicines.

Some of the topical methods include:

  • Cream application containing topical steroids
  • Clobex and other sprays
  • Use of oils like mineral oils and keeping it overnight
  • Steroid foams
  • Medicated shampoos

Salicylic acid and Vit D

While buying a product, make sure it contains salicylic acid, this ingredient breaks the scales. One cons it salicylic acid cause hair breakage but remembers your psoriasis needs to get cured at first. Again, tar products are also very effective. Do not use very harsh medicated shampoos because they do no good but damage the hair. Consume a lot of vitamin D which is very important for curing. A lot of women suffer from temporary female baldness and sometimes due to psoriasis. Women usually lack calcium and vitamin D and they fall prey to various health disorders. Generally, you should use the topical treatments daily for many weeks.

The treatment methodology may vary from person to person and the results may also be dependent on the body’s response to the medications. The simple treatment, however, should incorporate the use of anti-dandruff shampoo and proper moisturizer. One should also avoid combing the hairs frequently.