Rohitash’s Inspiring Battle Against Autoimmune Disorder

Rohitash’s Inspiring Battle Against Autoimmune Disorder

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Autoimmune diseases are a common case in India. Without a healthy immune system, no human can fight off diseases. When this system fails, either by performing low activity or increased activity (where the body ends up attacking its own tissues), the result is an autoimmune disorder. This can affect a variety of an individual’s organs in countless ways.

Rohitash is one such patient, who battled jaundice for a whole year as it persisted easily with no immunity to pose as a hindrance. Then in March 2017, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and in the subsequent months, suffered what seemed like an endless list of conditions. It started with infections and other severe symptoms of chronic liver disease. He repeatedly needed blood transfusions, quietly suffered the pain of a bleeding oesophagus, and was on the brink of multiple organ failure. His stomach bloated abnormally on account of ascites, where the abdomen accumulates a fluid due to high blood pressure in the veins that bring blood to the liver.

Hospitals became home and Rohitash no longer remembered what it felt like to be healthy and happy. Rohitash’s family burned through their savings, getting his various conditions treated. Now doctors urged his family that he would need a liver transplant procedure soon, and nothing else would save him.

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The solution that is saving Rohitash’s life

In this bleak time when it seemed like there were no answers and no help to be found, medical crowdfunding was the light at the end of the tunnel. An alternative to acquire funding with no pressure of payback or any kind of sacrifice was now a reality. Rohitash’s family was astounded when they found out that they could start crowdfunding for free and would never have to make a transaction; only a nominal fee would be deducted once they raised the money they needed.

Through crowdfunding, millions of medical patients have found their answer to getting help with funding. People who have suffered in accidents have been able to afford their emergency medical bills; one young man even raised funds overnight for his father’s medical procedure on Impact Guru’s platform! Patients with chronic illnesses have been able to accept contributions for their final transplant procedures, medication, post-operative procedures and so on.

Crowdfunding lets a patient tell his story on a global platform where he can find a large readership and convert viewers to donors easily. Join the crowd today and fund your cause!