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Can there be any perfect hair fall treatment for you? Different therapists will suggest you ten different hair fall treatment if you ever ask them this question. So, why not choose A professional doctor.  Hair loss control treatment is not like any other disease which can be easily cured with just one dose of a particular medicine. Rather, you have to adopt the trial and error method to see which hair fall treatment process will suit you just fine. Let us have a look.


These ten highly effective hair fall treatments can be divided into three categories, i.e. Doctor suggested methods, home remedy methods and OTC treatment methods.

Doctor suggested methods

  1. Blood tests (But highly recommended to visit your doctor to rule out what blood tests you require)

In our body, everything is related to blood. Be it our hair or our kidney; you can trace it out easily by simple blood work. Low level of Iron or Vitamin D in your blood can be a major reason behind your hair loss. Any hormonal issues can be diagnosed by your doctor and confirmed with related tests for better treatment outcomes.

Home remedy methods

  1. Diet chart

Lifestyle has a big effect on our hair-health. The more junk food you will eat, the more hair you will lose. Thus, a healthy diet chart is essential if you want a firm hair loss control. Add more leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts to your diet.

  1. Massage your scalp

It may take a long time, but massaging can really restore the thickness of your hair. Scalp massaging improves the blood work; thus the health of your hair will re-grow slowly.

  1. Air dry

Let your hair dry naturally. It is not healthy to use the dryer on your hair every day. It might be time-consuming, but it will surely be helpful in case of your hair fall treatment.

  1. Apply coconut oil or onion juice

There is nothing better than applying coconut oil or onion juice to your scalp. It is the best home remedy one can ever avail. It is one of the best home remedies which can wait for a long-term result.

OTC treatments

  1. Low level Laser treatment

Laser treatment is one of the best methods to rejuvenate your hair follicles. It reduces the inflammation of your scalp and improves the blood circulation as well.

  1. DHT-blocking shampoo

The hormone DHT can block the blood circulation to the hair follicles. However, it can be easily removed by applying simple DHT-blocking shampoo.

  1. Homeopathy

Homeopathy treatment for hair loss is free from side-effects. Not only do homeopathic medicines reduce hair loss, but they also protect the body from harmful effects. Homeopathic medicines slow down the progression of bald patches and fill up scanty hair areas with new hair, leading to safe, effective and noticeable recovery in all treatable cases.

It is not easy to understand which hair fall treatment method will suit you. Thus, it is better to try them out separately and note the results. However, the doctor suggested methods should only be tried after consulting a doctor and not alone. Let’s fight the problem of hair fall together, shall we?

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