Pediatric Diagnostics Mclean VA

Pediatric Diagnostics Mclean VA

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Who is a pediatric audiologist? A pediatric audiologist is a person who specializes in examining children for hearing loss and related issues. Pediatric audiologists are professionals and they carefully test and evaluate children suffering from any hearing related issues. From the test, they are able to determine the extent and the reason for hearing loss in children. Hearing loss affects both babies and adults. It is important to diagnose it early to prevent further hearing loss.

Early intervention will help the child prevent a total loss to hearing. Their speech and language will all develop properly as well. After the pediatric diagnostics McLean VA, the professional will recommend the best treatment for the hearing loss. He/she might recommend a hearing aid, implants or therapies. The best treatment for the hearing loss or issues is what a pediatric audiologist will recommend.

When to See a Pediatric Audiologist

There are some symptoms that indicate that a child is suffering from hearing loss, for example, if the child speaks louder than normal or only responds to conversations when he is facing you. This is an indication that the child might be suffering from hearing loss. It could also be that the child constantly asks you to repeat what you previously said. All the above symptoms show that you need to contact an audiologist as soon as possible.

In some states, hearing screenings for young children are conducted free of charge. You do not need to wait for your child to turn deaf before you going for pediatric diagnostics Mclean VA. Contact a pediatric audiologist while your child is still young for the initial hearing screening.

Newborn Screenings

Newborn hearing screenings aare one of the main responsibilities of a pediatric audiologist. Some states make it as a law for newborn hearing screening to be conducted. The initial screening is done immediately the child is born. After the screening, the pediatric audiologist will be able to ascertain if the child is suffering from hearing loss.

If the newborn is diagnosed with a hearing problem then, further screenings will be arranged. It is recommended that a newborn with hearing loss should undergo periodic hearing screenings to monitor the changes in hearing. The screening will also help to determine if the child is responding to treatment.

What If My Child Has Hearing Loss?

If your child has hearing loss, the pediatric audiologist will design or recommend a treatment plan. The treatment plan may include hearing aids, cochlear implant or medication depending on the extent of the damage. In severe cases, surgery is required. Some children are referred to a specialist to determine the best treatment to render.  Some of these specialists are;

    • Speech and Language Pathologist / Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Sign Language Teacher and Interpreter

These specialists will recommend the best therapies for your child. These therapies will help your child grow and learn like every normal kid. They will give the necessary assistance to help develop your child speech and language skills. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your child gets high-quality treatment

Do not hesitate to get your child screened. It is entirely a painless process. Remember that early intervention is the only way to get your child hearing loss treated.

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