Norco Ranch – Why Should Egg Yolks Be Included In Your Daily Diet?

Norco Ranch – Why Should Egg Yolks Be Included In Your Daily Diet?

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People who prefer a Paleo diet disagree with the general view most individuals have that food items that contain various forms of saturated fats and a high level of cholesterol are bad for your health. They say you ultimately deprive your body of essential nutrition when you exclude food rich in cholesterol for fear of fat accumulation. To prove their point, they cite eggs as a good example. They explain that a vast majority of the population who buy eggs from the market simply throw away the nutritious yellow yolk and consume only the outer white portion. Fortunately, many prominent medical practitioners and nutritionists are coming to the forefront to clarify that egg yolks have certain health benefits.

Norco Ranch eggs – A great way to start a healthy day

Norco Ranch is one of the most prominent and largest egg producers in the region of Southern California in the United States. This organization has been the leading supplier and distributor of high-quality premier eggs to the residents of Fontana and its adjacent areas for the last 40 years through its family-owned farms.

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The experts are of the opinion that contrary to popular belief, egg yolks are actually good for health because of the following reasons:

  1. Vitamins

They explain a typical yolk of hen or chicken egg contain more vitamins than the surrounding white portion. Most nutritionist explain that the yolk is rich in various variants of vitamin B such as B-12 and B 6 apart from A, K, D and E. In fact, the yolk is one of the very few food items where you can find vitamin D in abundance.

  1. Minerals

Minerals are also vital nutritional substances that the human body needs to carry out  functions such as counterbalancing electrolytes. Generally, eggs have 13 different minerals. These include magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, selenium and potassium. The yellow and white portions of an egg contain these mineral in varying proportions. However, the yolk is the largest source of such minerals. Nutritionists say almost 93%  iron and 90% of the calcium you get while eating an egg comes from the yolk.

  1. Healthy eyes

The carotenoids, which give the egg yolk its yellow color, is of particular interest to eye specialists. Experts say that this nutrient can reduce macular degeneration that occur due to the aging and cataract. Apart from this, it is a powerful antioxidant that protects eyes particularly the retina from various free radicals.

  1. Health advantages of Choline

Medical practitioners explain that consuming moderate amount of eye yolk of Norco Ranch eggs does not lead to serious heart disorders as most people like to believe. In many of the nutrients found in yolk like choline actually helps in monitoring the human body’s cardiovascular function and is effective in fighting against breast cancer in women.

These experts clarify that depending on your general health and the recommendation of your doctor including egg yolk in your diet can actually be good for you.

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