How To Stay On Budget When Hiring A Caterer For Your Event

How To Stay On Budget When Hiring A Caterer For Your Event

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All sensible and well-planned events will have a strict budget attached to the plans. No reliable event planner will ever want to step over the allotted budget, especially when it comes to hiring event caterers Gettysburg PA located service providers. As much as it is important to stick to a set budget, sometimes the planning can get out of hand and the menu can turn from sensible to extravagant. After all, you do want to plan the best event no one will forget.

To help keep you focused and on track, here are useful catering tips that will make sticking to a budget easier and maybe even effortless.

#1 – Do Your Research

Never hire the first caterer you find. It will naturally take more effort and time to scout around for better prices, but it will all be worth it. There are some caterers who charge a lot only because they are popular and always fully-booked. Sometimes it is better to hire a smaller catering service with a good reputation and affordable prices for an event than a large company that charges over $100 per plate.

Compare prices and taste the menu of a couple caterers first before finally choosing one that is worth every penny.

#2 – Try To Schedule Events On Off-Peak Seasons

Prices of catering services, just like any other service changes depending on the demand. Naturally, caterers will charge a higher service fee for events that are scheduled on the busiest time of the year. If it is possible to move around the event to off-peak seasons, there is a big chance that prices are up for negotiation.

Not all Christmas parties have to happen a week before Christmas. If your company is willing to make the adjustment, an event scheduled a little earlier than usual can land the company a bigger discount on the catered food.

#3 – Consider BYOB

Bring Your Own Booze is a great way to save on the caterers Gettysburg PA service fees. Encourage guests to bring their own beer, spirits, and wine for the event. It may look cheesy to some people, but this way there is more booze for everyone to enjoy and people can bring their favorite drinks to have a more memorable experience during the event.

#4 – Never Forget About The Added Fees And Small Costs

There are instances where a catering service provider charges a certain fee for their food. At first glance it may look like the price is within budget, but on many occasions there are hidden fees that will rack up. Examples of fees that can put you over the budget: overtime charges, extra plate charges, and even the service charge.

Stick to a caterer who is upfront about their fees to avoid going over your budget. Be careful with too good to be true deals because they will usually come with excessive and expensive hidden fees. Be wise about who you hire to cater your event because their services and fees will affect your overall budget.
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