Healthy Fall Eating Habits

Healthy Fall Eating Habits

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Summertime has ended and fall has officially arrived. The warm nights are fleeting, making way for the colder days to come, but along with that cold, comes the harvest. There will be many festivals and celebrations this season; From Halloween to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, just to name the bigger ones. These fetes are generally centered around food and drink. So it’s hard to stay healthy, stay warm, and stay fit in the fall. Here are some ways to enjoy the season and remain in good health.

Focus on the Food

The abundance of food is tricky to navigate, and celebrations are not an excuse to gain weight. But we all understand that is even more challenging to go to the gym, and follow your routine if your body is enjoying the comfort of your bed in the cold weather. However, once you’ve put on a significant amount of weight from all the holiday festivities, it becomes harder to lose, even with a diet push after the holidays. So, if you’re having a party, cater to your own needs. There are tons of recipes for cute, beautiful, healthy holiday treats. Use the seasonal veggies to your advantage and if your gym time is dwindling, make up for it by eating smoothies for breakfast, being a designated driver–everyone needs someone to be responsible, and if you step up, you also miss all those empty calories, and junk food binging that occur from a night on the town.

Fend Off Illness

The most common virus during the fall season is the flu. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu begins to strengthen in the month of October. Eating more citrus regularly, is a great way to give the body vitamin C it needs for flu prevention.

Cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, heart failure, and stroke also occur more during the fall and winter seasons compared to other seasons. Risk factors linked to cardiovascular diseases are temperature, physical activity, infections, air pollution, and food habits. The environmental factors cannot truly be controlled by one person, but one can control his/her eating, and maintain a balanced diet. This, in conjunction with keeping clean, and regular doctors visits can help keep anyone healthy.

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Fall Season Produce

Fruit choices like apples, cranberries, grapes, limes, pumpkins, and pomegranates are abundant during fall. These fruits have the essential vitamin C that’s paramount for preventing the flu. Vegetables like artichokes, arugula, beets, broccoli, squashes, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, and eggplant – can be prepared in a myriad ways. From a simple soup to casseroles and baked platters. Since fresh vegetable produce is available, go full fresh when making your meals and try to avoid the canned ones that are often loaded with sodium. Focusing on a produce heavy menu during this fall season is a better way to control the body weight, and stay healthy.

If you’re trying to be weight conscious this season, it is better to limit your consumption of treats and drinks. Sweets, cakes, and pies are plentiful this time of the year so it’s easy to be tempted. And alcohol, and sugary drinks are often right next to them. So when attending parties, or tailgates or get-togethers try to eat an equal amount of vegetables as main course, and have more turkey or chicken than other processed, fatty meats. You’ll have a low-calorie count for those green leafy greens but their high nutrition level will make you feel much better.

Always remind yourself that whatever season it may be, limit food intake and do exercise to complete a balanced, healthy lifestyle.