Growth Hormones – Knowing About Its Importance in the Human Body

Growth Hormones – Knowing About Its Importance in the Human Body

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Growth hormones, also known as Somatotropin, stimulate cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and animals. It is secreted and synthesized by Somatotropic cells within the anterior pituitary gland.  It can also be defined as a protein hormone which is mainly produced in acido-philic cells, somatotrophs, which is present among the largest population.

Growth hormones are generally synthesized and produced by the pituitary gland.  It helps to maintain and check body cells, organs. It also helps in metabolism.

Functions of growth hormones

  • Affects insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Processes cellular functions, metabolism and bone development.
  • Decrease glycogen synthesis
  • It increases amino acid transport into cells and protein synthesis
  • It helps in stimulating  collagen synthesis and cartilage growth
  • Enhance kidney flow and filtration
  • Increase of Immune system

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Side effects due to deficiency of growth hormones

The deficiency occurs when pituitary gland stops producing these growth hormones. It is basically found in children and adults. Presence of cleft lips and palates in children is the main reason for poorly developed pituitary glands due to which they have growth hormone deficiency.

In some cases, the growth hormones are not able to bind to other receptors which lead to a decrease of growth hormone function.

In the other way round, excessive use of growth hormones can cause acromegaly. This is usually found in adults.

Growth hormone injections

The most common treatment for deficiency of growth hormones is through growth hormones injections. Even though these growth hormone injections are safe and effective, there are a few side effects. Swelling, numbness, and joint and muscle aches or pains are the most common side effects.

Undersized children are basically injected with the use of a recombinant DNA technology. Even if they are effective, they are very costly. However, many countries have banned these HGH injections due to increasing risks and taking into consideration their safety measures.

Growth Hormone Pills

To achieve hormonal balance and knock out your extra fat, there are so many cost-effective synthetic steroids available in the market.

Steroids are developing for the medical analysis only, In general case, some people know about Anabolic steroids most. Corticosteroids have lesser controversies. It is not used for muscles. Both the steroids can be taken as pills or by Injections.

  • Winstrol or Anadrol Tablets are best to get more muscle.
  • Trenbolone pills help to enhance your body condition.


Nowadays, stress, unusual eating and working habits, less amount of sleep are prevalent among children and adults which is the main cause of deficiency of growth hormones. Proper care and attention should be given to these harmful habits for the overall development of a human body.

Regular physical activities, proper sleep, healthy eating habits should be adopted by children and adults so that proper amount of growth hormones could be produced which will be beneficial for their overall development.

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