Giving the gift of baby

Giving the gift of baby

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The gift of baby to a woman who is unable to conceive the baby for several reasons is the best gift which one human being can give to another. Every woman wants to have the joy of cuddling with her baby affectionately .The agony of not having a baby increases to several times when she finds the woman of her age enjoying the gift of having her own baby. The reason of not having baby could be many from late marriages to several other medical complications or diseases which affect the quality of the egg. Then the only alternate which is left is to get the donor who could donate her healthy eggs to be conceived in the uterus of the recipient. The donor receives the joy of giving the gift of baby to her fellow human being. If you wish to donate egg then you can visit

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Who requires the egg donation?

  • Those women who have gone through the marriage in their late thirties. It is a well known fact the most reproductive age of a woman is between 20-30 years. Once you cross the age, the quality of egg starts decreasing and so is the possibility of getting pregnant. Once you reach the age of 39 then the quality of the egg does not allow you to get pregnant. Then the only alternate you are left behind is to seek the help of healthy egg donor who agrees to give her consent of donating her egg to the woman seeking baby.
  • Women are not able to produce good quality of eggs due to some physiological changes occurring in the body. Even the woman who has gone through surgery may not be able to produce the healthy eggs. Thus, requiring the help of another woman to produce baby. This woman should be in between the age of 18 to 30 to donate the egg.

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