Christmas catering in Hong Kong – Shamrock Catering Rocks It

Christmas catering in Hong Kong – Shamrock Catering Rocks It

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The season to be jolly is here and Shamrock Catering is celebrating it by coming up with a special Christmas Set – Menu. The Christmas Set – Menu is filled with scrumptious dishes that are specially created to tantalize your taste buds and take you on a gastronomic adventure that becomes an everlasting memory – your guests will be delighted by the Christmas delights ordered by you for your event commemorating Christmas and the festive season’s repertoire, courtesy of Shamrock Catering.

The chefs at Shamrock Catering have been working diligently not to mention creatively on the special Christmas Set – Menu for 2017 to create mouth watering dishes, putting their gourmet skills to full use. In all, there are four menus consisting of starters, salad, hot dish, dessert that come in mini sizes, drinks ranging from alcoholic beverages to non alcoholic beverages and Shamrock Catering’s signature canapés. To ensure top food quality, only the freshest ingredients from trusted victuals suppliers go into the preparation of the food. Our chefs are well versed in various cuisines.

Must haves and Christmas staple dishes like Roasted Turkey with Stuffing, Christmas pudding and fruit punch are present in the main menus in this Christmas Set – Menu of Shamrock Catering. Of course there is no way we would skip on Christmas Classic dishes to grace your Christmas themed events. The canapés prepared by Shamrock Catering for this year’s Christmas have a vegetarian range – the vegetarian canapés are no less delectable than the non vegetarian ones. In a bid to extend health consciousness, the desserts for Christmas 2017 by Shamrock Catering come in mini size.

As far as Hong Kong is concerned, Shamrock Catering is the ultimate catering service. And to broaden our catering scope, we have come up with absolutely delicious and healthy Christmas Set – Menu that will leave your Christmas parties pumped up and your guests, instantly gratified.

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